Burn with gratitude

Indulge in the world’s finest copal incense

Burn with intention

Indulge in the world’s finest copal incense

Home and body elevation

Home and body experiences crafted from the finest natural, ethically and sustainably-sourced ingredients for everyday luxury.

world's finest

The copal experience perfected

A harmonious blend of woody pine and citrus notes instantly transports you to the Yucatán Riviera. Each premium stick provides 2+ hours of aromatic immersion from the highest possible concentration of pure copal available.

5 star reviews
Absolutely the best quality incense ever. Pure natural ingredients, zero synthetic fragrance. Rich, resinous copal smoke. It doesn’t smell much until burned, and then its exquisite ceremonial scent permeates the space. I love this incense so much.
— Raven
Stunning, Stunning, Stunning. The Copal scent lights up my entire life. The energy is good! I believe this was my 4th order. I will be ordering more. Thanks
— jessi1327ja
I am beyond thrilled with these incense! They quality is lovely, the burn time is long, and the aroma is earthy and woody. It is so similar to the ones I was around in Tulum.
— erikahall07
The best Copal Sticks ever! The smell is forever lasting. I will place my 3rd order soon.
— jessi1327ja
I love the smell of this so much!
— Georgia
Item as described, shipped promptly, and packed to travel safely.
— djm0319
Love, Love, Love. Thanks
— jessi1327ja

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Caring for the planet. Caring for you.

Elemãnte seamlessly weaves the timeless wisdom of the elements with modern sophistication. More than just a sensory delight, it's a voyage to nature's heart, resonating with the soul's profound yearnings. Dive into an elevated realm of elegance and profound connection with Elemãnte.